New video released by Madeline Teele

By: Remington Fioraso

Madeline Teele is a singer-songwriter from Windsor Junction, Nova Scotia.
She has released her new video for “Carry Me Home.”

Connect with Madeline at:
Official website:
Facebook -
Twitter – @MadelineTeele

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Interview – The Road Hammers

Margaret Malandruccolo Tank Girl

By: Remington Fioraso

The Road Hammers are a country-rock band comprised of Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy, and Chris Byrne. In 2005, the band released their debut album, The Road Hammers, earning the group CCMA Awards and a Juno Award. In 2009, they released their second album, The Road Hammers II. The band went on hiatus in 2010, but regrouped for a showcase during 2013 Country Music Week. On June 3, 2014, they released their new album ‘Wheels’ featuring the singles “Get on Down the Road” and “Mud.” I had a chance to ask Jason McCoy a few questions during an email interview, and here it is for you all to read!

Who are your influences?

Everything from Skynyrd to George Jones…it’s more of an attitude than a genre.

What have been your biggest inspirations when writing?

I’d say each other, it’s an amazing group of personalities. The fuel that fills the creative tank is potent, we just need to write it all down!!

What was it like being back in the studio together again?

Getting back in the studio is just like coming home, it feels real, it feels right, and it feels fresh. Sometimes a break is a good thing.

How has the reception been for Wheels?

We were apprehensive about putting out a new album, but radio and the Hammer fans were right there with us, truly amazing. MUD just went GOLD! We can’t thank the fans enough. Very few get one chance at this, we’ve been lucky to have two.

What led you to covering “Hillbilly Highway,” “I’ve Been Everywhere,” and “Let It Roll?”

We started doing an extended jam at the end of “I’m a Road Hammer”, and Clay just started rapping out “Hillbilly Highway”. It was something that evolved naturally over time, it’s one of my favorites. Hank Snow?
The song is obvious for us. We’ve been pretty much everywhere. Hank is one of the most underrated and under-celebrated Canadian bad asses of all time! Did you know he managed Elvis for a time?

I have heard the singles “Mud” and “Get on Down the Road” everywhere on country radio. How did you choose the initial singles off of the album?

“Get on Down the Road” was like a drug, I was hooked and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I figured I’d better drive everyone else nuts too! Ha! “MUD” became evident when my kids started walking around the house singing it unprompted, that’s the true test. Then they started coming up with video ideas. I’m glad we got Clays kids and my kids in the video. Heck, who doesn’t like “MUD”!!! It’s good clean fun!

What are you looking forward to the most for the Bands on the Run tour?

I think the co-writing with the other bands is going to be off the hook. All super talented guys.

Are there songs you are particularly excited to play?

“MUD” is always fun. It’s new and everybody sings along. I love it! Hard to beat “I’m A Road Hammer” as well, it’s the anthem!

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?

I’m digging Tim Hicks, Dallas Smith, and Jess Moskaluke, she has such a charismatic voice, great to see someone so young making such great music.

What was the first concert you attended?

My first concert was Charley Pride, way in the back when I was 7. Then later that same year, 5th row for George Jones at Maple Leaf Gardens. I was hooked!

What are your favourite foods?

My wife’s spaghetti. Amazing! She needs to start a restaurant and sell just that!

What do you like to do when not playing music?

Playing with my kids is tops. My daughter loves her horse, and I love watching her ride. My son is into Hockey now, it’s amazing to watch him on the ice.

What is something fans might not know about you?

I was the youngest licensed pilot in Canada when I was 17…a lifetime ago.

Is there anything you would like to add to your fans?

All of the Hammers would like to make sure the fans know how much we appreciate them. We talk about it a lot, we all remember being dreamers, wondering what it would be like to put out an album. Now it’s amazing to believe we have people buying our music, very humbling.

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Review – Scary Bear Soundtrack


By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album – The Longest Night
Download Link –
Release Date – September 8th, 2014
Genre – Indie Synth-Pop

Scary Bear Soundtrack is a synpth-pop band from Cambridge, Nunavut. They consist of two members, and are very talented. Scary Bear Soundtrack have released one previous album called ‘Scary Bear Soundtrack EP’ back in December 2012. The band have opened for many great artist like Melissa Laveaux.

Scary Bear Soundtrack has just recently released a full length album called The Longest Nights with the help of Avid Napper. Their single, The Longest Night, has reached the top 10 in the CBC’s Music Searchlight competition. I have listened to the album and if I had to describe it in one word, that word would be Soulful. It has a lot of soul into the album and you can pick that up when you listen to the album, every song has it. I enjoyed listening to the vocals of Avid Napper alongside Scary Bear Soundtracks.

Rating: 3/5

Connect With Scary Bear Soundtrack

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Interview – Ryan Redemption


By: Amanda Hather

Ryan Redemption is a bassist from Thunder Bay, Ontario. During his time in the music industry he has evolved from classical music into punk rock, metal, reggae, and even top 40 styles. He has played with various bands and has a side solo bass project. Want to learn more about Ryan? Check out his social media below and read the rest of this interview.

First of all, what made you decide to pursue music as a career?

Its the passion that didnt die out as I grow older, in a world where its so easy to get lost, its hard to find what makes u feel like yourself. Music it’s just good for the soul,

What are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to writing songs?

Anything and everything that happens in our lives from day to day.

How do you think your style of playing bass has changed over the 19 years you’ve been playing with different bands?

I started off playing a stand up bass with a classical strings group which gave me a wonderful place to start, from there i picked up my speed a little bit and start playing with a punk group named Last One Standing where i really learned to conquer a pick. From there i joined a reggae band who was the house band at a little bar called Warp 9 with them I got to get a great grasp on dynamics, In the next couple years i jumped the fence over to the metal world and played with a various groups like Noise Redemption, Richard(dick) Fister and Grindcorchestra in the metal world I really got a good grasp on playing Chromatically, at the same point in time I also played with a tech Punk band legoman haircut where i learned how to tap and discovered a tuning of my own E, A, D,f#, which lead to the creation of my youtube channel and the beginning of my solo playing. Currently I still play with Grindcorchestra, and a top forty acoustic act Matches of Kindle.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Zander Zon, David Pastorius, Flea, Felipe Gomez

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to your music? Is there a song you’d suggest they listen to first?

I would describe my sound as technical bass play its definitely not for everyone, more for bass players then most anyone else, if i was to suggest a song it would be something out of the bass and drum section on my YouTube channel I guess I’d go with.
First One Falling –

How would you describe your solo album?

My solo album is compilation of 10 solo bass tracks, it was released through unir1 records for 8.99, I found the whole experience to be frustrating at best, my album price was not in my control and was greatly over priced in my opinion, not all labels want to help you, if you like my stuff just download it off YouTube, or email and ill personally send out a dropbox link for it.

Is there any advice you’d give to your fans that want to pursue music as a career?

Do it for the love of the tunes not the money.

What’s coming up next for you?

Well this Friday I have to play a Halloween show, but in the big scheme of things I plan to keep releasing bass videos as often as possible, If im asked again Ill be playing the Lodo bass showcase in Ottawa next summer unfortunately I didn’t make it last year due to a previous engagement And if fate smiles on me a couple bass clinics.

At Canadian Beats we like to throw in a few fun questions so your fans can get to know you a bit better:

Where has your favourite place to play a show been?

My Favorite place to play is a local bar here in Thunder bay, called the Black Pirate Pub not the best lighting, slightly shady atmosphere but they have a wonderful sound man named Sean Kelly who knows his setup quite well and will make anyone sound like a rock star.

You’re in charge of a weekend long music festival. Who’s playing?

Well if its a Bass Festival(showcase):
Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Zander Zon, David Pastorius, Flea, Felipe Gomez, Grant Stinnett

Three places you haven’t played a show yet but would like to.

-House of Blues- New orleans
-Rockfest Montebello Quebec
-Lodo bass showcase

Any odd or hidden talents?

I can juggle while playing bass at the same time aslo I play in my own tuning E, A, d, F#. Want to see? Check it out here: (juggling while playing bass video)

What do you think is the most played song on your iPod?

Three of us by Streetlight manifesto, at least for the last few months

And finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Just a simple Thank you and you’re awesome!

Ryan’s music:

Ryan Redemption on social media:

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New video released by King Kredible

By: Remington Fioraso

King Kredible is a hip-hop recording artist from Toronto, Ontario. He has released his latest music video for “F*ck You” via Youtube.

Connect with King Kredible at:

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Review – Fire/Works


By: Remington Fioraso

Album: Shenanigans
Download Link:
Genre: cinematic-folk, rock, pop, prog
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Fire/Works is a cinematic-folk, rock, pop, prog group from Montreal, Quebec. The group consists of Jonathan Peters and David Lagacé. The duo released their album, Shenanigans, on October 7, 2014 via Coyote Records. The release contains twelve tracks and includes the single “Underneath Your Skin.”

The highlight of the album was the instrumentals. They were different from what I have listened to previously. A track that truly highlighted this was “Staircase” as the track solely contains instrumentals. “Elephants” was the song on Shenanigans that I continued going back to. The thing I found interesting was the track “Elephants” was originally released on their EP. 1 in February 2011. It was awesome hearing the variations to the song in comparison to the demo version. The songs standing out the most to me on Shenanigans include: “Elephants”, “Folklore”, and “Underneath Your Skin.”

I think it would be interesting to see how the band recreates the sounds and tracking in a live performance. I recommend checking out their single, “Underneath Your Skin” and “Elephants” to gain a taste of the album first. You can pick up Shenanigans through Itunes and Bandcamp now.

Rating: 4/5

Connect with Fire/Works at:

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Interview – Pet Sun


Interview By: Remington Fioraso
Photo Credit: Alicia Giammaria

Originally based in Hamilton, Pet Sun is a rock band based in Toronto. The band consists of Parth Jain, Stephane Senecal-Tremblay, Sam Rashid, and Nic Arbour. The band released their debut EP, Feel Like I’m Going Away, on October 7, 2014.

What inspired your band name, “Pet Sun?”

We like to think of it as happiness on a leash. I’ve also always liked the line from Something In The Way “And the animals I’ve trapped have all become my pets”.

Who are your influences?

We’re pretty much directly influenced by whoever we listen to. The Vines. Nirvana. Sabbath. Weather also influences me.

How did you originally meet?

We all met in different stages of school. Parth and I met in grade 5. Sam and I met in grade 9. And I met Nic in university.

What was the recording experience like for your new EP, Feel Like I’m Going Away?

The EP was recorded mostly in Parth’s basement in Hamilton. Lutes and Brides were recorded at Dream House Studios in Toronto. Initially we weren’t sure if the basement recordings would be more than just demos but after some production work they turned out well so we kept them.

How has the reception been so far?

Been sweet so far!!! We released two videos which lots of people have been sharing. Meeting new people at shows too. Nice to see more people coming out!

What influenced you to make the EP available on cassette in addition to digital format?

The opportunity to be involved with Burger Records Cassette Store Day was presented to us so we jumped on it. Tapes are inexpensive to produce and we can sell them for cheap at shows so it gets the music out there. We also wanted the EP to be our first physical release so tape seemed like a good place to start.

How was the filming experience for “Gimme Your Soul?”

It was more like randomly getting a camera shoved in your face haha. Our manager came to party with us in Hamilton for a show. The camera was pretty much always rolling so we tried to ignore it… not always easy though. So we ended up spitting all over ourselves cause we’re camera shy i guess.

Who are some of your favourite Canadian artists?

Metz. And our homeboy Alex Gorodskoy.

What is your favourite drink?

I think Miller High Life. Budweiser… Pilsner is good too. Coffee. Diet Coke.

What was the first album you remember buying?

The first album i actually remember going out and purchasing was The Vines Highly Evolved. My mom took me to the store to find it. I’m sure there were several shitty forgettable purchases before this though….

What is your favourite TV show?

Sam and I really like Jimmy Fallon. Does that count? I like The Killing too.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

If you’re out there…. if anybody is out there… please show sign of life. haha. Also lots of new music coming very early in the new year.

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